Enjoy this video of Nicholas Yandell presenting his visual art, poem, and musical piece A Quiet Place in the Rain, commissioned by the Oregon Music Teachers Association honoring Nicholas as their Composer of the Year 2020. 

Nicholas has this to say about A Quiet Place in the Rain
“The title of this piece is based on the idea of an unconventional refuge. This is a confrontational place that is cold, damp, and unpleasant, where one purposely goes to face their buried fears and anxieties. In this work, the listener goes to such a place, away from the comforts of their life, plunging themselves into the darkness, and through exposure and catharsis, finds redemption on the other side.” 

Seasoned new music performers Hannah Hillebrand on cello and Kate Petak on harp performed the musical piece showcased here at Temple Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon. For information on Hannah, please visit http://www.northwestpianotrio.com/about.html. For information on Kate, please visit http://www.katepetak.com.

Portland based composer Nicholas Yandell’s music is often narratively driven and intends to both “immerse the listener in a vivid sonic realm and also take them on an enlightening emotional journey.” In addition to commissions from 45th Parallel and performances by the Delgani String Quartet, Nick has his own freelance sound and film score business: Basement Music, with composer Tristan Bliss. For more information on Nicholas, please visit https://www.nicholasyandell.com/.