Concert Title: Music of Masters Past and Present

Performance: Sunday, April 29th, 2018, at 4:00 PM

First United Methodist Church, 1838 SW Jefferson St., Portland, OR 97201

Submission Deadline:
11:59 PM PST, Monday, January 22nd, 2018

All Cascadia members in good standing.

Concert theme:
No particular theme. Up to 30 minutes of music may be selected by the BHB from finalist works sent to them by the Cascadia selection committee.

Instrumentation: The BHB uses thirteen brass and two percussion as follows:

  • Four trumpets in Bb – each one can double on C trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, and cornet
  • Four French horns in F
  • Three tenor trombones – one can double on euphonium
  • One bass trombone – can double on contrabass trombone
  • One bass tuba in Bb
  • Two percussionists with full orchestral instruments including timpani are available, with an option for one drum kit

Works are expected to use all or nearly all of the brass players (e.g., no brass quintets please), but the percussion is optional. No other instruments, no piano, no organ, etc. may be included.

Submission procedure: Anonymous submission. Remove or blank out anything on the score or other submitted media which identifies the composer. Check authorship, copyright notices, logos, program notes, performance notes, and so forth. However, DO include the duration of the work prominently displayed on the score. Scores which don’t meet these requirements by the submission deadline will not be considered.

Composers may submit up to two works, but at most one can be performed. Preference will be given to works under 10 minutes.
Submit the following through the submission form on the Cascadia website:

  1. Score in PDF format, anonymous but displaying duration.
  2. Recording if available (MIDI is OK if none is) in MP3 format. A link may be submitted instead, but note that MP3’s up to 25MB may now be submitted. Make sure nothing in an MP3 player window or the link identifies the composer.
  3. Text file in standard format (such as .txt, .doc, .rtf or .pdf), with the title, composer, program notes, bio, and any other information pertaining to the piece which may be of interest. These won’t be accessible to the selection committee. If there’s some aspect of the score or recording you feel needs an additional explanatory note, briefly and anonymously comment in the submission form’s annotation text box. Please do not submit complete program notes in the annotation box.

Selections will be announced no later than February 26th. Parts and updated scores for selected works must be sent to the BHB by March 5th. At that time, selected scores must include the work title and composer name on each page, and parts must include the work title, composer name, and instrument part on each page, per BHB request.


Please contact Jeff Winslow at
Thank you and good luck!
Jeff Winslow for Cascadia Composers (chapter of NACUSA)