Concert Title: Fierce, Fabulous, and Fully Coiffed

Performance: 7 pm, Friday, December 10, 2021

Venue: The Clinton Street Theater, Portland, OR

Submission Deadline: 11:59 PM PT, Monday, August 16, 2021

Notification of results: Monday, August 23, 2021

Final score and parts for the selected works must be available by October 31, 2021.

Eligibility: All Cascadia Composers in good standing for 2021, who will generally be available to work in person with performers from November 1st to the 12/10/21 concert date. Preference is given to composers who identify as LGBTQ+ or to composers collaborating directly with LGBTQ+ artists/performers.

Concert Type: Independently-curated concert produced by Timothy Arliss O’Brien, Nicholas Yandell, and Jennifer Wright.

Concert Description: “Fierce, Fabulous, and Fully Coiffed” is a multimedia/multidisciplinary extravaganza that combines the sassy, tragicomic magnificence of top-caliber drag art with new music highlighting a range of LGBTQ+ lived experiences, challenges, identities, perspectives, art forms & attitudes. “Fierce” joyously celebrates the massive contributions of the queer community to the arts and expands empowerment and visibility of Portland’s talented, innovative LGBTQ+ community!

The show brings together a glittering group of experienced drag performers specializing in dance, music, voice, video, and related performance arts in collaboration with art music composers to create an unthrottled expression of fabulousness, diversity and glory that everyone can get behind: a fun, uplifting, variety-show experience with the utmost amount of pride. 

Instrumentation: Cascadia will pay for up to three performers per piece; additional musicians/performers may be included at the composer’s expense. A pianist, violinist, and bass/baritone vocalist are the core performers; composers may use them and/or bring in their own performers. The organizers are happy to assist in finding performers, but preference will be given to proposals with personnel identified and/or confirmed. (Our performer fee rates are $200 for the first piece and $100 for additional pieces, so if you plan to bring in your own additional performers beyond the three that Cascadia covers, please consider offering them a competitive rate.)

You can propose a new work or submit an existing work with a description of how you envision it being performed as part of this special show. Composers are welcome to perform their own works in a manner that suits the theme of the show. Composers may submit up to two proposals or existing works, but at most one can be selected. Preference will be given to works eight minutes or under.

BONUS! Video/slide projection on Clinton Street Theater’s big screen is available: we encourage you to utilize this! Video, multimedia, and prerecorded works within the scope of the theme are allowed, with or without the addition of live performers, dancers, lip syncing, or other drag-inspired presentations.

Notes: No idea is too wild: this is the show to really let your creativity go nuts and take creative risks! However: while drag is a famously saucy art form, we want to create an environment appropriate for young folks age 13 and up, so please take this into account in your proposals and avoid R-rated action or language.

Rehearsal schedule: Composers and performers must be available for afternoon dress rehearsal at The Clinton Street Theater on concert day (December 10, 2021) as well as for 1-2 rehearsals before the concert (TBA).

To meet our dragtastic core performers, view the following videos!

Pianist/vocalist Marshall Cuffe (a.k.a. Saint Syndrome):

Drag clown/vocalist Anthony Hudson (a.k.a. Carla Rossi), our MC:

Violinist Bryce Caster (a.k.a. Betty Poops):

Other examples of fabulousness to inspire you from around the web:

Thorgy Thor performing “Philip Seymour Hoffman”:

Matthew Maisano (Balena Canto) singing Poulenc in a fun video collage:

Drag violinist Angelina DM Trailz performs a classical cover of “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper:

A mash-up of Kiki and Herb Live in a classic cabaret setting (note: there is some ‘language’ in this video):

Submission procedure: Anonymous submission is not necessary. The organizers may contact you for more information during the selection process.

Submit the following to all three organizers (make sure they are all copied on your submission email) by 11:59 PM PT, Monday, August 16, 2021:

Jennifer Wright (

Nicholas Yandell (

Timothy O’Brien (

If you are submitting a proposal for a new work:

Links to your website and social media accounts, your bio (Word or PDF format, maximum 150 words), your contact info (phone, email, mailing address), and 1-3 work samples (ideally, these would be illustrative of the kind of work you’d like to write for this event).

2. A detailed description of what you intend to create and how it celebrates/embodies LGBTQ+ culture and expression.

3. If you are planning to collaborate with other artists or performers, please provide confirmation of their involvement in the event, links to their website and social media accounts, their contact info (phone, email, mailing address), their bio (maximum 150 words), and links to 1-3 representative samples of their work.

If you are submitting an existing work:


1. Score in PDF format, including any performance notes, instrumentation, and duration.


2. MP3 or MIDI recording or a link to a recording.


3. A text file (Word or PDF format) containing a description of how you envision this piece to be performed within the context of this show (i.e., celebrating/embodying LGBTQ+ culture and expression), your program notes, and lyrics permission if you use lyrics which are not in the public domain.

4. If you are planning to collaborate with/bring in other artists or performers, please provide confirmation of their involvement in the event, links to their website and social media accounts, their contact info (phone, email, mailing address), their bio (maximum 150 words), and links to 1-3 samples of their work.

Questions? Please send them to all three organizers (make sure they are all copied on your email) at the email addresses above.


Thank you and good luck!

Jeff Winslow for Cascadia Composers (chapter of NACUSA)

We uphold and embrace principles of inclusivity and equity in all our programming, for all our members and the community, in terms of gender, race, age, location, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status and artistic practice.