Cascadia Composers is excited to announce a concert of new percussion-based music engaging the exotic and the everyday, “Cascadia Hits on the World”, by composers from the Portland metro area and throughout Oregon.

Anchored by percussionist extraordinaire Florian Conzetti with assists from a bevy of other top local musicians, we’ll chat up Germans, Chinese, and Indians both Asian and American; we’ll get out in the neon lights, city streets, and the springtime, muse on the meaning of life, death and Kerouac, and finish off with a jazzy bang.

Showtime is 7:30 PM, Friday, April 10th, 2015, at Temple Baptist Church, 1319 NEth Ave., Portland, Oregon, 97232, just one block west of Lloyd Center Mall. Ample parking in their back lot (off Wasco), or across 7th Ave. Just two blocks north of the 7th Ave streetcar stop.

Suggested donation $10-$15; students $5.

For more information: Cascadia Comp.: (631)241-0196/(503)283-6152

Temple Baptist Church: (503)233-5953

Complete program:

Knall-Spielzeug mit Stöcken by Tim O’Brien

Florian Conzetti, percussion / Ian Kerr, percussion

Whispers of the Lakota by David Bernstein (lyrics by students at Red Cloud Indian School, SD)

Asya Gulua, piano / Sophia Tegart, flute / Nancy Wood, soprano / Ian Kerr, percussion

Wide-eyed in the Neon Light by Nick Yandell

Ben Milstein, piano / Parkpoom Aempoo, trumpet / Lars Campbell, trombone / Florian Conzetti

I Have Cut Bamboo by Mark Vigil (lyrics by Paul Celan)

Asya Gulua, piano / Michelle “Shelly” Mathewson, viola / Sophia Tegart, flute / Catherine Olson, soprano / Florian Conzetti

4 Phases by Art Resnick

Dianne Davies, piano

RagaPlay by I’lana Cotton

Dianne Davies, piano / Hannah Hillebrand, cello / Patrick McCulley, saxophone / Ian Kerr, percussion

In Next Spring by Lisa Ann Marsh

Hannah Hillebrand, cello / Ben Leinfelder, flute / Florian Conzetti

This is the Night & All its Falling Stars by Tristan Bliss

Deborah Cleaver, piano / Adrienne Welsh, cello / Florian Conzetti / Ian Kerr, percussion

Within Earshot by Paul Safar (texts collected and arranged by the composer)

Eugene clarinet quartet / Paul Safar, Nancy Wood, Kim Still, voices / Grayson Fiske, percussion

Piano Quartal by Liz Nedela

Ben Milstein, piano / Adrienne Welsh, double bass / Florian Conzetti / Ian Kerr, percussion