butterfly and cocoon on end of a cello

Cascadia Composers Spring Concert showcases the variety and depth we are known for as we continue to artistically process the times we live in and reemerge, revitalized and reenergized!


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Enjoy new works from Cascadia Composers Daniel Brugh, I’lana S. Cotton, Noam Faingold, Brian Field, Theresa Koon (collaborating with poet Bella), Lisa Neher, Gary Lloyd Noland, Timothy Arliss O’Brien, Paul Safar, Drew Swatosh (collaborating with poet Brian Dang), Jennifer Wright and Nicholas Yandell.

A multitude of talented musicians including Diane Chaplin, Anthony Dyer, Maria Garcia, Asya Gulua, Nicholas Meyer, Ben Milstein and Adrian Rosales as well as dancers Conrad “Icon” Kaczor and Big SnubB join in this kaleidoscope of colorful collaborations.

Themes of struggle, recharging and awakening connect these timely works which are enhanced through video, dance and actors.


This concert took place at Lincoln Hall, Room 75, Portland State University, 1620 SW Park Avenue, Portland, OR 97201.