Performance: Saturday, February 17th, 2018, at 7:30 PM

Venue: Lincoln Hall, Room 75 at Portland State University, 1620 SW Park Ave, Portland Oregon

Submission Deadline: 11:59 PM PST, Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Eligibility: All Cascadia members in good standing. Preference will be given to members who did not have a work performed in “Music From Cascadia’s Frontiers”, and members who, for whatever reason, have had little or no exposure on previous Cascadia concerts. However, we anticipate there will be room for most works that are submitted in the spirit of the concert theme, regardless of who submits them.

Concert theme: A specific theme will be developed from the selections. The general idea is high energy to dispel winter blahs. Because rehearsal time before the concert is so short, we’re especially interested in works previously learned or performed by Portland musicians who will be available for the concert, even more if they’re also Cascadia members.

Instrumentation: Open. Acoustic, electroacoustic and media-only works are all welcome. This is a “composers and friends” concert, which means composers arrange for and compensate their own performers as appropriate. Guidance will be available, especially for out of town members. There is no composer fee.

Submission procedure: Anonymous submission. Remove or blank out anything on the score or other submitted media which identifies the composer. Check authorship, copyright notices, logos, program notes, performance notes, and so forth. However, DO include the duration of the work prominently displayed on the score. Scores which don’t meet these requirements by the submission deadline will not be considered.

Composers may submit up to two works, but at most one can be performed. Preference will be given to works under 12 minutes.

Submit the following through the submission form on the Cascadia website:

1. Score in PDF format, anonymous but displaying duration.

2. Recording if available (MIDI is OK if none is) in MP3 format. A link may be submitted instead, but note that MP3’s up to 25MB may now be submitted. Make sure nothing in an MP3 player window or the link identifies the composer.

3. Text file in standard format (such as .txt, .doc, .rtf or .pdf), with the title, composer, program notes, bio, and any other information pertaining to the piece which may be of interest. These won’t be accessible to the curators. If there’s some aspect of the score or recording you feel needs an additional explanatory note, briefly and anonymously comment in the submission form’s annotation text box. Please do not submit complete program notes in the annotation box.

If the work has been learned or performed by Portland musicians before, who will be available for the concert, indicate the fact and their names in the annotation box.

4. Lyrics permission – If there are lyrics which are not in the public domain, include a text file in a standard format showing you have permission to use them. Selections will be announced no later than January 5th, 2018, and composers should plan to have musicians lined up (again, help is available if you need it) and get any needed parts to them by the end of the following week at the very latest.

Questions about the concert?
Please contact Daniel Brugh at For all others contact Jeff Winslow at

Thank you and good luck!