New art music that has some SERIOUS FUN with improvisation!

It’s all fun and games at this concert! See and hear what happens when seven local composers and their talented friends start SHAKING UP the music – by MAKING UP the music!

Composers at PlayEver wonder what kind of a classical piece calls for two pianos, a vocal score with no notes, and a whole bunch of colored lights? Or how a dancer would be moved to interpret intertwining melodies with their body in space? Or what you’d get when you give five toy pianos to five talented improvisers – along with a whole lot of free rein? Come find out at “Composers at Play”!

This creative concert explores the intersection of structure, spontaneity, seriousness and silliness. Music becomes a combination spectator sport/choose-your-own-adventure as each composer presents a fresh take on the idea of improvisation. You’ll hear classic jazz, poetry, narration, electronic soundscapes, irresistible modern grooves and holiday spirit – but maybe never as you’ve heard them before!

Audience members will get a chance to help the musicians choose the direction of one of the performances; you’ll even watch sounds become colors as an entire musical painting is created right in front of you (and you’ll have the chance to bid on this brand-new masterpiece at a silent auction following the concert!) This will be a great event for kids and families alike. (And did we mention that there will be cookies?!)

Featuring the playful compositions of
Daniel Brugh, Ted Clifford, Gary Noland, Art Resnick,
Paul Safar and Jennifer Wright.

December 13th, 7pm

Community Music Center – 3350 SE Francis, Portland, OR  97215

$5-15 at the door (under 12 free!)

Come out and play with us!