Dream away the winter blues with locally grown chamber music for flute, clarinet, saxophones, strings, piano, percussion, and voices. Featuring compositions by Cascadia Composers new and old, including Matthew Neil Andrews, Elizabeth Blachly-Dyson, Denis Floyd, Jack Gabel, Matthew Kaminski, Stephen Lewis, Sheli Nan, Timothy O’Brien, Paul Safar, Dawn Sontag, Daniel Vega, Jeff Winslow, and Linda Woody.

Audiences at this rare unthemed “composers & friends” concert will hear music inspired by modern paintings (Kandinsky, Bacon), science fiction heroines, a swarthy satin grand piano, an act of political protest, a cat and three types of birds (mountain quail, stellar’s jay, swainson’s thrush), the myriad faces of the skies in summer, and in at least one case the composer’s own name.

Sat Feb 17, 7:30PM, Portland State University, Lincoln Hall, Room 075 – 1620 SW Park Ave., Portland, OR, 97202 BUY TICKETS  

General: $20 (buys two tickets with an Arts Card from Work for Art)
Cascadia Members: $10 
Working Artists: $10
Seniors: $10
Students: $5
Children under 12:  Free