Performance: “In Good Hands” Concert, performed by Oregon music students

Venue: The Old Church Concert Date: June 29th 2017 @ 4pm

Submission Deadline : 11:59 PM PST, February 1st 2017

Eligibility: Cascadia members in good standing only Instrumentation: Student-level compositions for solo piano, piano duet (one piano, 4 hands), solo voice, solo flute, or solo string instrument. String, flute, or voice compositions may be accompanied by piano (2 hands only) if desired. Please see the additional note* on the next page for some exciting news about non-keyboard instruments.

Please send all requested materials to:

Daniel Brugh (
14726 SW Grayling Lane Beaverton, Oregon 97007

Anonymous Submission Procedure

  • E-mail a pdf score and mp3 recording. MIDI audios are acceptable.
  • The duration of the work must be prominently displayed on the score. Scores will NOT be considered without this information.
    NOTE: All evidence of authorship must be removed. The composer’s name and any features that may identify the composer (copyright notices, logos, program notes, etc.) must be left off or covered up.
  • Also e-mail a short composer’s bio and short program notes.
    NOTE: Bios and program notes that are over 50 words may need to be rewritten and resubmitted by the composer
  • Music should be written for students in levels 1 – 10 of the OMTA syllabus program.
    NOTE: For more information on the OMTA syllabus levels, please contact Jan Mittelstaedt or Daniel Brugh.
    If chosen, the composer must give, as a gift, one normal (non-anonymous) hard copy to the student and one to the student’s teacher. The teacher and student will not pay the composer for the scores.

Composers may submit several pieces that total no more than 6 minutes in length. Teachers will select music appropriate for their students.
Composers must be prepared to pay for a rose to be presented to the student who performs their composition and the student’s teacher. The cost will be under $10 for two roses.

* This year we will be adding string instruments, flute and voice to our In Good Hands concert. So, we are looking for composers who are willing to be paired with a student and his/her teacher. The composer will write a new piece specifically for that performer, taking into account the interests and proficiency level of the student.