Cascadia Composers’ 7th annual collaboration with OMTA students and their teachers is set for Jun 29 at 3 pm at the Old Church in downtown Portland. The program has expanded over the last couple of years to include additional instruments, including flute, voice, violin, cello and toy piano.   One hundred students from 32 teachers have performed the works of 36 composers since the first IGH concert in 2010.  The first three concerts were held at the World Forestry Center as part of the Portland International Piano Festival. Cascadia collaborated with OMTA who provided piano students to play our pieces.  Our 2014 concert, presented by Cascadia Composers, was held at Portland Piano Company. Included in that concert was Canon for Unlimited Voices by Tomas Svoboda.. Fourteen performers played 14 pianos.  Since 2015, the concerts have been held at the Old Church. In 2015, a piece for five toy pianos was performed (X Chromosome by Jennifer Wright) and in 2016,  harpsichord, flute, and vocal numbers were added to the piano pieces in the concert.  This year’s concert will include works for voice, violin, flute, toy piano and cello as well as piano solos and a piano duet.