Stella’s Waltz by Paul Safar
Mingqian Tan (age 10)
Student of Pauline Eidemiller, NCTM

Water by Christopher Dyson
Michelle Tong (age 11)
(Student of Mary Kogen)

Suite of Ascending Thought: I by Carol Crowder Phillips
Zoe Kulkarni (age 11)
(Student of Luiza Kramarchuk)

Key Lime Pie by Bonnie Miksch
Sam Doby (age 11)
(Patricia Scordato)

Sonata No.1 for Piano_I by Denis Floyd
Noah Sylwester (age 15)
(Student of Vladimir Kramarchuk)

Washing the Air by John McKinnon
Andrew Poeana (age 13)
(Student of Vladimir Kramarchuk)

Variations on Constellations by Jay Derderian
Brian Ruby (age 15)
(Student of Patti Duthie)

Masks: I Laughter by Jan Mittelstaedt, NCTM (hear)
Jimmy Chen (age 15)
(Student of Myrna Elmore, NCTM)

Bag ‘n Tell by Art Resnick
Anusha Pai (age 13)
(Student of Luiza Kramarchuk)

Trees_ 1 & 2 by Elizabeth Dyson
Natina Gilbert (age 14)
(Student of Barbara Musolf, NCTM)

Etude, Op. 1, No. 10 by Gary Noland
Ruta Kuzmickas (age 14)
(Student of Jean-David Coen)

Sonatine by Mark Vigil
Yurie Farnsworth (age 15)
(Student of Julia Lee)

Nocturne in B-flat by Jaron Cannon
Jaron Cannon (age 16)
Student of Sandra Palmer

Reductio ad absurdum by Dan Brugh
Rachel Pendakur (age 19)
(Student of Rhonda Ringering)

Duet_Nocturne by Tomas Svoboda
Ayumi Mizuno (age 13)
Colleen Xu (age 16)
(Students of Alena Dubauskaya, NCTM)

Ghosts and Machines I Hijinks by Jeff Winslow
Rhonda Ringering

December Visions by David Bernstein
Samuel Saunders (age 17)
(Student of Mary Hulme, NCTM)