Cascadia Composers Concerts and Independent Initiatives


During each year, Cascadia Composers normally sponsors a Fall Concert, a concert of women composer’s music (Crazy Jane), a Spring Concert, and a concert for student pianists (In Good Hands).


  • works selected by committee
  • planned by the Cascadia board
  • anonymous submission
  • Composers who had pieces played in the previous committee-selected concert are not eligible.
  • Composers each pay a participation fee (currently $100); Cascadia pays the rest for a limited number of listed instruments and all other production costs.
  • All ticket proceeds belong to Cascadia.
  • For details of our annual Crazy Jane and In Good Hands concerts, please contact a board member.


  • works selected and concert planned by curators: one or more composers who typically include their own works
  • submission not anonymous
  • no ineligibility due to previous concert participation
  • Composers pay their musicians.
  • Cascadia supports the concert by paying for customary production costs besides performers – programs, venue and publicity, recording, rights licensing, etc.
  • All ticket proceeds belong to Cascadia.
  • Proposals must be received by the board three months before the event.


  • Proposals will be considered from an individual Cascadia composer.
  • Proposals must be received by the board three months before the event.
  • Proposals must make clear what kind of support is being requested.
  • Applicants should keep in mind that the board meets on the first Monday of each month.
  • Ticket proceeds are negotiable depending on the kind and degree of support being requested.
  • More details are available below for this initiative.


Details for each concert will be decided by a committed of Cascadia members and  representatives from the proposed partner.

All concerts begin with a proposal which is either drafted by the board (ie. Spring and Fall concerts) or by one or more member composers. 


Additional Commentary for Independent Initiatives

As indicated above, Cascadia Composers has created formal mechanisms whereby individual members may produce events under the auspices of the Cascadia organization. Such events, like concerts, recitals, sound installations, dance concerts, multi-media events, etc., can be curated by one or more of CC’s members, proposed to the governing board, and, if approved, supported in-kind in various ways.

Such in-kind support might include Cascadia website exposure, access to the organization’s database of performers and patron list, production advice, along with possible audio/video recording, equipment, and documentation services.]

Starting The Process

Written proposals should be sent to the president of Cascadia via email and include the following:
1) The title and a brief overview of the event including its precise content;
2) a list of performers, participants and support people;
3) the presentation site and rehearsal/setup conditions;
4) the date of the event;
5) how Cascadia members might benefit from the event;
6) how the event will be funded; and,
7) what assistance is expected from Cascadia.

Support materials, if necessary, should be in pdf and mp3 format. Once reviewed, the applicant may be asked to make further clarifications in writing and/or by attending a board meeting. Board meetings are held at the beginning of every month. Decisions will be quickly made. Accepted proposals will receive a contract detailing the relationship between CC and the independent producer.

Send proposals and questions to: Jan Mittelstaedt, president, Cascadia Composers.