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Watch from anywhere in the world! In normal times, we host these presentations at Lincoln Hall at Portland State University and live-stream via Facebook. In the current situation, we are using Zoom.


Typically held the second Monday of every month (unless otherwise noted below).
Social Time: ~7:15PM (PDT)
Presentation Time: 7:30PM
Second Presentation Time: 8:15PM


Zoom presentation link (go here at time of presentation to watch):
Meeting ID: 869 9773 9502


June 14, 2021: Dawn Sonntag — Opera: “For Life”

Dawn Sonntag’s opera “For Life,” with a libretto by Harvard-trained psychologist, dialogical therapist, and film director Kermit Cole, brings to attention the problem of iatrogenic illness caused by a for-profit mental health care system. This opera, which will be premiered online in late spring as part of the Cleveland Opera Theater’s New Opera Works festival, captures the extreme, timeless, even absurd aspects of medication-induced infirmity. At one of the most significant moments of change in world history, at a time when peoples’ distresses are generally met with a misguided, often dangerous, response, this opera calls for a seismic shift in models of care and treatment for life’s inevitable challenges.

For information on Dawn Sonntag, please visit:


Upcoming Presentations:
June 14, 2021: Dawn Sonntag


Past Presentations (video now available):
May 10, 2021: Drew Swatosh — Chamber Opera || Elizabeth Dyson — Music for One
April 12, 2021: Andrew Lewinter — Writing for Horn
March 8, 2021: Kirsten Volness — Two Operas || Mark Vigil — Woodwind Quintet
February 8th, 2021: Paul Safar — Musical Projects
January 11th, 2021: Adam Eason — Music based on LaFollett mode
December 14th, 2020: Charles Rose (New Polish School) || Jeff Rosick — Composing for Music Licensing in Media
November 9, 2020: Lisa Neher — Composing for Singers
October 12, 2020: Dr. Greg A Steinke — Composing for Harp and other topics
September 14, 2020: Liz Nedela — Archiving and Protecting Our Compositions || Dr. Greg A Steinke — Music Licensing in a Digital World



For additional information, contact Liz Nedela.