New Music Gathering is happening in Portland and it’s live this time! Events listed below will take place at Lincoln Hall, Portland State University, 1620 SW Park Ave. except as noted. All events are COMPLETELY FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Cascadia Composers is well represented, of course!  Here we are in chronological order.  If you’re a Cascadia member, you’re included and you’re not on this list, please send email with a short summary to

Wednesday, Jun 21 @ 7PM: Fear No Music will perform Drew Swatosh‘s Kind Wildness on their segment of the “Welcome to Portland” concert.

Thursday, Jun 22 @ 11AM: Verdant Vibes will perform Kirsten Volness‘s murmurations, with video by Alexander Dupuis, featuring Jacob Richman on bass (your chance to hear a live performance of a piece that Cascadia presented online during the pandemic).

Friday, Jun 23 @ 10AM: President of the International Alliance for Women in Music Christina Rusnak will participate in a panel discussion IAWM – Equity and Inclusion through New Music.

Friday, Jun 23 @ 1PM: A climate artistry/activism show Songs of Post-Apocalyptic Instruments, featuring Jennifer Wright on her Skeleton Piano and three other large-scale playable/wearable sound sculptures she crafted entirely from trash, plus some made by her private piano students.

Friday, Jun 23 @ 2PM: Opera Elect will perform Lisa Neher‘s short opera, Sense of Self, with a libretto by Kendra Preston Leonard. The opera, for soprano, mezzo, and piano, is about an athlete facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

Friday, Jun 23 @ 10PM: A condensed version of Fierce, Fabulous, and Fully Coiffed: Classical Drag! presented by Jennifer Wright, Timothy Arliss O’Brien, Nicholas Yandell and guests, showcasing their works from the Portland and Eugene shows plus a good amount of gender-bending banter… and of course they’ll all be in full drag regalia.

Saturday, Jun 24 @ 9AM:  Dawn Sonntag will present Opera as Advocacy, on her operas including video excerpts and a sample of the libretto of a future opera.

Saturday, Jun 24 @ 6PM: ChamberQUEER will perform Bonnie Miksch‘s “Five eccentric optimists” from her gestating opera, Utopia House, on their concert segment.

On Sunday starting @ 3PM, Jennifer will also be participating in Kathleen Supové’s soundwalk “The Walk North: Nomadic Keyboard” through inner NW and NE Portland.  The extensive “program” includes two piano duet works by Jennifer that the two will perform together, Firebrand and This Is My Matrix Sweater.

Three years after Portland’s scheduled 2020 NMG got pushed entirely online by the pandemic, we are ecstatic to welcome NMG to Portland, live and in person finally!

For all the latest latest, click to go to the source, the New Music Gathering 2023 webpage.