September 17th, 2011: Falling Colors

Cascadia Composers
presentFalling Colors

An Autumn Fundraiser with new music by
Bernstein, Mittelstaedt, Nedela, Noland,
Safar, Steinke, and Winslow and
featuring special guest Maria Choban
(postercard, program, review)

3 PM, Saturday, September 17th, 2011
Sherman Clay Moe Pianos
131 NW 13th Avenue, Portland, OR


THREE SONGS for Soprano and Piano by Paul Safar (mp3)
Nancy Wood, Soprano Paul Safar, Piano
Reflection (lyrics – Paul Safar)
Star (lyrics – Nancy Wood)
Alice (lyrics – Nancy Wood)

FIVE SHORT PIECES for Piano by Louise (Liz) Nedela (mp3)
Cary Lewis, Piano
Piano Quartal
Quartal ad lib
Angles, Circles & Mirrors

ONIE for Clarinet and Piano by Jan Mittelstaedt (mp3)
Barbara Heilmair, Clarinet, Rhonda Ringering, Piano
The Hidden Tree
A Frozen Pond
Farewell to Childhood

GHOSTS and MACHINES for Piano by Jeff Winslow (mp3)
Maria Choban, Piano
Dirge – Wake – Vortex
Dirge – Vigil – Totentanz


IRRATIONALISMUS for Cello and Piano by Gary Noland (mp3)
Diane Chaplin, Cello
Cary Lewis, Piano

DON’T WE (Image Music VII) for Clarinet by Greg Steinke (mp3)
Barbara Heilmair, Clarinet

SIEBEN for Piano by David S. Bernstein (mp3)
– in homage to Johann Sebastian Bach –
Maria Choban, Piano
Not Too Fast
Light and Upbeat
Slow and Sustained
Lively and Vivacious
Slow and Stately