“Skeleton Piano Dances” is a new multimedia dance theater production that harnesses the fluid energy at the intersection of artistic disciplines to chart the human condition and the communicate the essence of emotion. Through a transformative interplay of sound, movement and light, this extraordinary experience bends traditional media into wild new shapes: music, motion and moving pictures morph into one another, dissolving traditions and charting a course for an entirely new artistic continent.
 This event fuses modern dance by Agnieszka Laska Dancers, video artistry by Takafumi Uehara, and groundbreaking modern music by three living composers that seeks to map the wilderness of the inner human landscape. The visceral experience of SKELETON PIANO DANCES illuminates an ecstatic and turbulent interior topography writ large, searching for those ultimate truths that have occupied humans since the dawn of time: what is true, worth fighting for, or worth being lost for.
  The evening’s core work is the world premiere of the complete concert-length suite OBSCURE TERRAIN, performed live on the world’s only “Skeleton Piano”: a deconstructed, experimental instrument that delivers a unique visual and sonic feast. Don’t miss this rare chance to witness this exotic creature in action. Only in Portland, only for two nights: join us for an unforgettable evening of dynamic music, incredible visuals and passionate choreography!

Purchase advanced tickets here: http://skeletonpianodances.bpt.me/

For more information, please visit: skeletonpiano.com

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