What an opportunity to brighten up how you present your music, your bio, possibly your website story! And for board members, how we might best represent Cascadia Composers to the public. 

The stories in and around your music are personal, but more than that, they engage your audience. How do we talk and write about our new, local music? How do we share excitement about what we do that compels interest and support? How might we use stories for structure in our music?

The storytelling Workshop with Will Hornyak has been changed. It is now being offered as a Brown-Bag event at 3100 SE 10th Ave., Portland, Oregon  (half a block off Powell Blvd.)


April 13, 2019, 11 am – 3 pm (includes lunch break)


Cost per member (limit of 12): $25 to help cover Will’s fee for his expert help

One of Portland’s top professional storytellers, Will Hornyak says that compelling stories engage the listener’s imagination by uniting ideas with emotions. Will can help you sharpen your storytelling skills, however you use them.

If you are interested, please commit to attending by emailing Cynthia Gerdes at cgerdes@solidnet.com by end of day March 31st so we know how to plan.

“The shortest distance between two people is a good story”