Ten years ago this March, Portland audiences first experienced music from Cascadia Composers. Some folks loved it; others didn’t. One even stood up and lectured impromptu on what we should write instead. But despite controversy, we’ve prospered. Yes, the founders were mostly older (though far from dead) white guys, but over the years Cascadia has grown to nearly 100 members, and our many concerts (up from two the first year) showcase both aesthetic and demographic diversity.

What have the founders been up to in the meantime? This anniversary concert recognizes their talents and contributions, presenting both recent works and classics. Come hear the emotional reunion of music by David Bernstein, Tomas Svoboda, Greg Steinke, Gary Noland, Jack Gabel, Dan Senn, Bonnie Miksch, and Jeff Winslow, performed, like 2009’s inaugural concert, by Fear No Music! Reception to follow.