Songs and Sonatas

Cascadia Composers is excited to announce the Portland debut performance of dynamic composer, French hornist, and singer David A. Jones, joined by pianist Rebecca Stager. Songs and Sonatas: A Recital of New Music for Voice, Horn, and Piano Saturday, March 25th, 2023,...
Visions and Voyages -- Transits & Transformations through songs, with & without words, by cascadia members near & far

Visions and Voyages

Cascadia Composers is excited to announce the sixth concert of its 2022-23 season: Visions & Voyages. Transits and transformations through songs with and without words. Saturday, May 6th, 2023 @ 7:30 pm, doors open at 7:00 pm. Lincoln Hall Room 75 | 1620 SW Park Ave Portland OR…

Melodious Late Autumn After…

Dear Friends of Piano & Song: Cascadia Composers presents a Melodious Late Autumn After of Musicosyncratic Quirks, Crotchets, Maggots & Mood Slides from the Inextricable ’New Perplexity': a recital of art songs and piano works by Gary Lloyd Noland featuring...

The Concert

Cascadia Composers is excited to bring you an event celebrating the multifarious creations of Kevin Bryant Lay and friends: The Concert — a video release and live concert... and more! Friday, November 4th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. The Hallowed Halls 4420 SE 64th Ave,...
Promo Reel music clips (by members of Cascadia Composers), in order of appearance

1. “4 Silhouettes” for flute and viola, mvt. 1 by David Bernstein
2. “Diversions and Interactions” for percussion by Greg Steinke
3. “50/50” for piano and hurgy gurdy (improvisation) by Ted Clifford and Paul Safar
4. “Two Canons for 14 Pianos” by Tomas Svoboda
5. “You Cannot Liberate Me, Only I Can Do That For Myself” for amplified harpsichord, 2 EBows and live cymatics display by Jennifer Wright
6. “La’ah” for fixed media and dancer by Mei-Ling Lee
7. “Tango Con Lo Desconocido” by Cynthia Gerdes
8. “Flowed Land (Only When I’m Ready)” for fixed media and dancer by Renée Favand-See
9. “The Sun Never Says” for choir by Jeff Winslow
10. “NeuroCantos” for fixed media and dancer by Susan Alexjander
11. “Songs of Silent Sorrow” for voice, flute and piano by Jan Mittelstaedt
12. “X Chromosome” for 5 toy pianos by Jennifer Wright
13. “Listen to the Earth” for fixed media by Daniel Brugh, video by Jennifer Wright
14. “Solstice” for fixed media and didgeridoo by Bonnie Miksch
15. “Surface” interactive sound installation by Jennifer Wright
16. “Welcome to the Future, Citizen #2406” for fixed media, dancer and live-operated aerial drone by Jennifer Wright
17. “Fever Dream” for chamber ensemble by Elizabeth Blachly-Dyson
18. “Obscure Terrain” for Skeleton Piano and electronics, mvt. 1 by Jennifer Wright
19. “Bleecker Street” for piano by Nicholas Yandell
20. “Inflight Movie” for piano duo by Paul Safar
21. “Song of Sanshin” for chamber ensemble by Bonnie Miksch

A toast to these intrepid imagineers as Cascadia comes of age in its eleventh year!

Brian Cutean

The Southeast Examiner, Portland

If you’re accustomed to thinking of contemporary music programs as wildly heterogeneous mixes of the accessible, the abstruse and the alarming, you’d likely have found Wednesday’s opening concert of the National Association of Composers/USA conference surprisingly cohesive and consonant

James McQuillen



by Greg A Steinke (composer), Amelia Lukas (flute)

The Cascadia Composers are a welcome addition to the Portland new music scene with a healthy blend of compositional styles and individual takes on musical forms

Aaron Berenbach

Northwest Reverb

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