Here are some of the member benefits:

Calls for Scores:  Each chapter of NACUSA, of which Cascadia Composers is one, may issue calls for scores.  Cascadia issues several score calls each season for concerts, mostly in the Portland, Oregon area currently.  These are typically open to all chapter members, although from time to time there may be concerts featuring special subgroups.  (Also, to promote program diversity, some concerts are closed to members who had work in a previous, recent concert.)  

NACUSA members who join other chapters may submit works to their score calls too, and potentially have works performed in many US locations.  For example, if a Cascadia member wants to submit a work to a score call by the Texas chapter, they must join the Texas chapter.  Chapter membership is not strictly limited to regional residents, but is open to anyone with an interest in the region.  We’ve recently featured works by a few East Coast composers on our programs, but they are Cascadia members.

A Cascadia member will have free inclusion in NACUSA’s online Member Catalogue and Member CD’s, Audio Samples, and Member Links pages, along with various networking opportunities.  If you are a Cascadia member with a website URL listed on your NACUSA Member Link page, it is automatically included in the NACUSA Web Ring.

A Cascadia member, as a NACUSA member, will receive E-Bulletins regarding calls for scores, competitions, and grants outside of NACUSA as well as within it. Also included is participation in the annual Young Composers Composition Contest, and a score exchange program.  For additional information about NACUSA, please explore the national website:

Although primarily a composer organization, NACUSA also offers opportunities to others too. If you’re a performer, please visit the online Member Catalog. It lists thousands of works by over 250 NACUSA composers and provides tools for customized searches. If you’re a broadcaster or a listener, please visit our online resources in the “Our Music” menu on the NACUSA home page.



Up-to-date yearly dues are on the page linked to above.  Regular dues are in the neighborhood of $60 per year, with reduced rates for students and seniors.  Dues mostly go to chapters.  Please note, as of 2019, NACUSA no longer offers free membership to members over 80, and no longer offers new life memberships.  (All existing life memberships remain in force, of course.)

Please select Join NACUSA! in the Activities menu on the NACUSA home page for additional information on dues and payment methods. Additional information will be provided to any person wishing to join the Cascadia chapter – just use our contact form.

Monthly Meetings

A valuable benefit of membership is the opportunity to interact with other local composers.  See our Monthly Presentations page for further details.